I have been waiting on God to change my son…….. but as the years march on my prayers have been altered – becoming more intentional and specific. God continues to reveal His heart for my son – He desires for Kevin to know Him intimately – like Moses, to have a “face-to-face” encounter ….. In which God will manifest in such a way that his life will be changed forever.

On December 6, 2013, I received a call – it was a familiar story: My son was arrested again – As I quieted my heart, I recognized that the last three months of our time shared were instrumental in preparing me for our separation. You see for those three months I was experiencing Warfare of the worst kind – the Enemy had pronounced a death sentence; by infiltrated my son’s mind and was promoting complete destruction. Kevin struggled with suicidal thoughts and because of their intensity – God in His mercy dispatched an “army” of prayer warriors to become “violent” on his behalf – But this was not the first time……. (Matt. 11:12).

Back in July 2011, Kevin was released from incarceration after serving eight months for drug possession. God in His grace had allowed us to restore all the things which the Enemy had stolen from him: a car, a safe place to live, food and clothing – but within a few days of freedom – my son was struggling. We sat together in a church service that first Sunday morning – but as I looked into his eyes, I saw the tears and this time he was different. I was allowed a brief glimpse into the “struggle” as he shared his thoughts: earlier on his way to church a “voice” had told him to drive his car off the freeway. The Enemy had pronounced judgment – he wanted my son’s life – but once again God intervened – and extended His mercy. Prayers began going up to petition Him for Kevin’s life. It was an intense season of intercession as we were forced to re-enter The Waiting Room.

Now, years later, the “struggle” had become too much for him. The Enemy’s oppression was evident – and my son’s own obsession with the riches of this life had left him weak and impotent – unable to fight. This torment continued for weeks with little relief; many times I sensed I was looking into the eyes of a “madman”. It seemed his choices had flung the door wide open for a satanic invasion. Within three months – God intervened again by extending mercy and snatched him from the path of destruction – allowing Kevin to receive five years – a sentence for drug possession. Although I am still in The Waiting Room – I am encouraged and confident that God will mature my son to eventually see His Divine perspective: God will not redeem with silver or gold. (Isaiah 52:3). For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world but forfeit his own soul (Mark 8:36).

As for me …….. I encountered God “face-to-face” in The Waiting Room….…and He changed me.

“Moses speaking “face-to-face” with God does not contradict the fact that

He was not allowed to see God’s face (Ex. 33:20), as “face-to-face” is a

Figurative expression suggesting openness and friendship” (cf. Num. 12:8;

Deut. 34:10; John 1:18).

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