Who are we…..

WHO ARE WE?…… Mothers – Grandmothers – Aunts -Sisters – Daughters…………. we are Surrogates. WHERE DO WE LIVE?….. in affluence – in poverty and certainly all ranges in between. WHAT IS OUR DESIRE?…..to see our men set free from the slavery of incarceration.

There will be no trumpet blast or banners flying to bring recognition. No grand announcement of our presence – But we are women – a multitude – an army that God can raise up for such a time as this; to serve in dedicated ministry to make a difference for change. Our resolve must first come from God – He is the only One who can give us access into the invisible as we advance like a mighty force in prayer: We must petition God for our men – if not countless generations will be lost and destinies will be forfeited.

God’s design for families is for men to serve a Divine ordained role – as leaders – to set in motion “fierce” defense against the Enemy. Without our men – it will be costly – and God will continue to be grieved as He exposes the casualties of WAR….. some wars are silent, but I can hear the screams of the children as they lay on the fields of our regret. God’s promises still remain, “No weapon formed against us will prosper.” But they are conditional – to activate our promises – we must follow God’s direction and guidance.

We will need strength and courage to advance into unknown territories as well as support to face the Enemy on the battle field. Think of the story when David had to face the giant Goliath in battle………. he had to rely on God for every provision. David even refused to wear King Saul’s armor………. because the victory belonged to God.

The souls of our children and grandchildren have been ravaged. They are standing in the wilderness bleeding, while many elders are only concerned with eating quail. Possessing the land will take more than positive-thinking and round-table discussions……… it will take determination and sacrifice of our own comfort – our lives may be required. We can “storm” the gates of Hell through prayer, allowing God to use the invisible to penetrate the visible – when our God shows up, who can stand – We Must Trust Him.