Inmates who are released back into society and communities, those with a criminal record are faced with additional struggles upon their release from incarceration. I do not believe the prison system is currently designed to address certain pressures once a person is released back into communities. There are limited access to education, jobs, housing and many others things necessary to become a productive member of society. Left unaddressed, the system becomes a revolving door for repeat offenders. Many have lost their hope due to irrevocable choices which have social and cultural stigmas attached. The children of these inmates can also become a burden to our economic system because resources are stretched paper thin. Although the love is there, the lack of viable and sustainable resources can leave a dark cloud over their future. Many of them have become casualties of a war they did not enlist to be a part of; leaving a breeding ground for unhealthy choices such as: drug addiction, sexual promiscuity, fear of trust, learning disabilities, trapped in poverty and indoctrinated into a lifestyle with devastating consequences. Trying to stop the cycle of addition simply means I have to place myself in the shoes of another.

I have concluded that those who have gone into the system should eventually be more prepared to help improve the lives of others. They can give positive contributions to our communities by using what they have learned through their own successes and failures to mentor and empower others to become a viable solution, which promotes permanent change.


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