“My Unique Creations”

Our Founder and CEO, Christine Murphy was rescued from a life of poverty at the age of six, setting the course of her destiny. She was born on the Island of Jamaica, West Indies – the oldest of three. Her birth mother, Dorothy Samuels, made a critical decision to give her to another family. As a child she remembered being overlooked as the smallest one in the group. Those memories have left an indelible mark in her heart, guiding her to believe that she has a tremendous responsibility to give back. Her tenacity coupled with a spirit of excellence and wisdom from past relationships has given her a vantage point, spanning globally with a cross-cultural impact.

Now almost fifty years later, Christine has been given the courage to use her faith and her influence to be a voice for others. During November 2017, “My Unique Creations” was conceived in the midst of pain and brokenness. Confronted with the desire to see change in the next generation, she was given this “gift” with endless possibilities, each a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. You are now invited to see through her lens – a vision of beauty, which should always express who you are as an individual.

These are examples of previous collections and selected patterns. You are encouraged to contact us beforehand to get a glimpse of our newest designs for special orders and pricing. cmurphy98@gmail.com


creation 2

creation 3

creation 4

creation 5

creation 6