The Meadow

The last hint of night fall has lifted like a curtain to display The Beauty of The Meadow. I meet You with new songs – I see beams of sunlight emerging from beyond the trees, yellow and white petals laden in the grassy field – fresh dew preserved the landscape throughout the night. You have shown me what is beautiful – I am amazed by your Grace – You have healed my soul in exchange for Eternity – A mystery. I am on my knees in worship. I bow in continual adoration. The earth pours out speech and I listen and escape to meet with You. While moving through The Meadow I saw a Narrow Gate and then I heard a Voice say “enter”. I remained at attention – Like a soldier – waiting to advance. The pasture was lush and vibrant with color. I stood and surveyed – forced to look in amazement – Compelled – like Moses at The Burning Bush. I heard a Voice – “This is Holy Ground”. The richness of my encounter still arrests my heart. My Father’s Creation was telling me a story – I am an eyewitness to His Glory and Majesty. I began to dance and sing in Jubilee – Ceaseless worship!!
The Meadow is a place of longing – like a Bride waits for her Groom. The king has brought me into His Chamber – He lifts the veil – to reveal my true Beauty. He is the Jewel in my heart – His Banner over me is Love. Here in The Meadow I am transformed – growing in my love for You. The fragrant petals – flowers appear – blossoms open fully to express their love. The sweet perfume of Your presence has finally awakened my love. You have captivated my heart – the fragrance of your garment covers me – my heart drips with anticipation. I am forced to go back in time and embrace Your Goodness – love that is better than wine. In The Meadow – the wind blows gently and disperses the fullness of all Your Promises. You romance me and bathe me in kisses – adorn me with jewels. I am my Beloved’s and my beloved is mine. He rescues me like an army – I am overwhelmed. His Presence – like the moon lights up my soul – shines in places only He can witness. I dance for You – abandoned all to be with You. Abundant treasures flow from Your lips – I am restored!!! Now a secret obsession – I burn but I am not consumed. In The Meadow – my soul pants for You as a deer for the water. Righteous living takes courage but You refresh my soul at The Meadow and prepare me for Your Favor. No escape from tranquility!!

Reference reading: The Song of Solomon

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