WHAT IS YOUR DESIRE?……… I have been there – where I longed for the provisions of the Enemy more than I desired my own freedom…….I kept going back to the “familiar” only to be ensnared again and again, where I once thought myself to be victorious. I would sometimes allow people – the lust of my flesh – my pride – or my old mind-set to capture me and drag me into oppression………always leaving me with the same thought: “I thought I was finished with this?”

Many of the Elders desired quail. God used Moses as His instrument to set the captives free from slavery. Pharaoh, king of Egypt had ruled the Israelites with an iron fist….God’s people cried out and He heard them….. It seemed they desired freedom……. but that would come at great cost. Upon a series of Divine interventions, Pharaoh finally surrendered to God’s Sovereign Hand – and the children of Israel were on their way to a new life. – They were led out into the wilderness to be tested by God to expose the true desire of their hearts. God’s mode of deliverance was not what they expected – it seemed that “Manna” was not sufficient for their “exotic” taste – they began craving the familiar things….. They desired leaks and onions and at one point voiced their concerns to Moses….they longed for what the oppressor had to offer…….as long as they had full bellies. (Exodus 7-11; 14:11; Numbers 11:5, 33-34).

Think of a newborn baby……. all which is desired to satisfy is pure milk. You can tell by their reaction every few hours that this desire supersedes any other. When a mother decides to breast feed her baby – often she is advised to watch her intake of certain foods – to keep from causing her baby any discomfort – later as the baby matures – certain “unfamiliar” foods are introduced and eventually incorporated into their diet – generally under the watchful eye of a caring mother. Well, God’s care over the Israelites was much the same. He knew what was best and He wanted to expose their true desire – before they would be ready for the Promised Land……. But sadly, many of the Elders went to their death with quail still between their teeth – showing their ingratitude for God’s best…………… forfeiting their Destiny.

My desire is to keep seeking God and eating the fresh “Manna” of His Word – He does not want me shackled by the Oppressor, but I must leave the familiar behind to embrace the unfamiliar because He desires for me to walk in freedom as I enter the Promised Land.

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