My Encounter with God

I had an encounter with God in 2005 – during a time of intense struggles with illnesses brought on by stress. I had brokenness in many areas of my life and my two sons decided to take a rebellious path which ended turning my world upside down.
Looking back I can see that I was just a shell of a person. Inside I struggled with loneliness and longings; I was unable to share with many people. I blamed myself for their choices and felt it was a poor reflection on me as a mother. That year culminated with my youngest son being incarcerated – which was the beginning of a three year separation from us. Then there was the murder of his father, May 2005. Although I had a relationship with God and I knew Him personally and intimately; the cares of my own life and deep emotional wounds had placed me in a ditch. I just could not help myself.
One Monday night The Holy Spirit prompted me to attend a church service which was frankly out of the norm for me. I remember “arguing” with God and explaining to Him that I had already attended church on Sunday morning but He persisted and I was unable to “shake” the overwhelming feeling that I should listen. Sometimes God meets us in the unusual but we have to be aware of His voice and obey. I remembered that the man of God shared the story about Moses at The Burning Bush. I had no idea that God was going to heal me that night. After the completion of the lesson I remember the gentleman asking everyone to stand and hold hands with the person on either side. I don’t remember his exact words but I know he said “this Bush was burning because of a fuel less fire which did not consume the Bush”. He also said “some of you are experiencing the fire of God right now”. Immediately I felt as if someone had opened my mouth and poured a cup of scalding hot coffee directly down my throat. I could feel the fire moving and coursing through my intestines. My knees buckled under the weight of God’s Presence and I had to sit down. I did not know exactly what had happened but I knew that I had encountered God on that Monday night. He had revealed in the days and weeks that followed that I had been healed. He explained to me through the words of a song and His Word that I had encountered The Refiner’s Fire. It was a complete healing.
The following year in 2006 as I attended a church service I heard His voice inside me – He was telling me to be water baptized. This time I listened immediately – I did not “argue”. I approached the Leaders of my church and the following Wednesday evening I was water baptized. That night I shared my testimony and I observed the young man in charge of the microphone and camera equipment cry as I spoke boldly about my encounter with God and how He had healed me. During that time of decision I had faced so much opposition and struggled with fear but I knew that my encounter with God had changed my life. I have become very aware of His Presence and I desire to please Him. He is the God who sees, He is the God who hears and He is the God who heals.

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