A Brief Encounter

I saw her face – Shrouded in black – draped in sorrow, like a casket. Uncertain future –demands her life – searching in darkness, for a meal, a friend, a word of hope, a reason to continue. Abandoned by mother and father – a sign displayed “will work for food” Tattered clothes – Faded, as worn as her soul – Memories of a life which could have been – Her “sentence” poverty – her “crime” a father who went M.I.A. since her birth – now captured like a P.O.W. Groping in the darkness, seeking shelter – starving for affection. She resorts to the only thing she knows – cycle of addiction – feeding an untamable animal. Now in a forced labor camp – working for another’s selfish gain – she wears her shame. Eyes cast down – fear of rejection. This “storm” has altered her life – now exposed to the elements – roller coaster of emotions, still clinging – Empty promises – Expressions of love: a first date, a dance at her wedding, a call of reassurance – dreams of your approval – fading in the distance.

One night “A Brief Encounter” She looked up – a ray of light penetrated her path. Intrigued she asked his name. His response “I Am” then a faint breeze whisk against her cheek. This profound change has lit a burning fire – unlocked the door – no longer incarcerated. Sight restored.
Now I must investigate His word. No way but up – into the “secret” place of the Most High God – Abide! – Abide! Seek His Face and live, radical healing –radical faith – Transformation – renewed mind. I am called to serve Him no matter the cost. Arrows by day – terror by night – cannot harm me. I stand as a “spectator” – I see the destruction of the wicked – I hide under the shadow of His wings. He invites me to eat at His table like when King David sought to bless the descendants of his friend Jonathan. My new life – displayed for all to see the goodness of my God. No longer standing as a “beggar” – Rescued by Grace! Such abundance!!
Scripture references Psalm 10:14, Psalm 91:8, Psalm 119:105


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