As I awakened this morning at Bettie and Melvin’s home I recognize that you can lose all sense of time – It is like going back to a place so long ago – The vastness of God’s Glory is expressed in each new day – Every breath – I am consumed – As my senses are awakened – I hear a rooster crowing – welcoming the new day with joy and adoration for the King. Yesterday I saw several deer frolicking while grazing – Birds perching on branches and flying to eat from the bounty of God’s green earth. I am indeed alive with new wonder as I share my morning with the Creator of the Universe. I see people desiring to serve each other – making time to prepare a well-planned meal – selecting from Your provision to share Your bounty with a neighbor. I have come to believe that this life is only rewarding when shared with others.

            Splashes of Love paint the landscape – Just last night I saw a tiny frog on the window-sill, headed back home – he lingered – then he jumped – then he lingered – unaware of my curiosity. The quiet solitude of the morning is strengthening me to face the Struggle – To be abandoned as I take up my “position” to praise my Awesome and Mighty God. My soul is encouraged and captivated – I am “forced” to give back my very life which has been given to me. My reward is in Heaven – No time to ponder – or seek gratitude.

I am cautioned as the forces of evil will infiltrate the day – trying to expose my fears and bombard my mind with regrets – But, I have The Avenger seated at the Right Hand of the Father – He champions the True Cause – I am exonerated – I can cast down all imaginations – I am challenged to “push” into the new day without fear – Consumed by Your Presence – RESTORED!!

Tiny tweets sound from the distance – I see a small nest of new life – mouths opened – calling attention – breakfast is served by the Hand of the Creator. His care is continual – He has not forgotten – Love demonstrated. I must make a declaration!!! – You command attention through the works of your Hand – the Universe displays Your Glory – the Magnificence of Your Splendor transports me to a different Place. I must go onward – this day is a “gift” – Your “Voice” trumpets through the clouds – I am awakened. Words escape me – unable to describe. The true value – the richness of what I see and hear – I am almost torn. The Beauty of your Holiness cannot be fathomed – You chose me to be a part of our Creation – to sing, to laugh, to cry, to eat, to sleep – as You watch over me – with Great Pleasure. You delight in me – Your child. Just yesterday – as I inspect my surroundings – I was led on a Treasure hunt – time stood still – as You allowed me to “see” Your Strength on display – a friendly courtship – a loving glance. Nature provides me with overwhelming evidence – I am surrounded by new life – No escape – the earth and its fullness You have given to me – Thank You!!

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