“My Declaration”

I was on my way to Hell; when the Lord sent out a Rescue Party – they were dressed in Love, Peace, Longsuffering and the Joy of the Lord. They “carried” me to safety – one step at a time. Like Lazarus – my wounds were bandaged – my grave clothes – reeked with the stench of death. I saw their faces – their eyes of sorrow – overwhelmed with compassion – some even opened their arms and embraced me. Like a leper – sores exposed – an outcast – I expected rejection. Fear overwhelmed me – I staggered – appearing as a drunken man – unconscious of my true state of wretchedness. I was bound up in sins: perverted speech, anger, un-forgiveness, pride, adultery, bitterness, and witchcraft, thoughts of suicide, idol worship and low self-esteem. My rottenness came from within. My eyes were “blinded” from seeing the Truth – The Enemy incarcerated me into the world system – the culture demanded my allegiance. My “friends” encouraged me to sin – entertained by me “struggle”. I was barricaded behind a “wall” of deception – No way out!

Like a little child I was led deeper and deeper into a Cavern – the darkness engulfed me – drowning in wickedness. Living in Sodom hardened my heart – my family “mocked” me – pretended like I was a “fool” – for offering salvation. I had become a blind-guide. Worthless – unable to save myself – my own compromise gave them reason to “scoff” – they laughed as I pointed them to safety. They were drunk in their own sins – and beckoned me to stay. Destruction loomed – I saw the “fire” rapidly approaching. I was tempted to look back – to live in contentment – but Mercy provided an open door – a “vision” of my future – the reward for my obedience. I must now teach others the way to the Lord – like King David – I was given a second chance. I was rescued from death, washed from my iniquity and cleansed from my sins. I must open my mouth and make a Declaration.

Praise continually on my lips – my brokenness – now my sacrifice! No more wandering into sin – unaware of temptation – my eyes are fixed on the Author and Finisher of my faith – His goodness poured into my lap. Now conscious of His Presence – I walk in strength and courage. The Atmosphere “shifts” when He appears. Walls crumble – chains are broken – demons take flight. I am now walking by faith and not by sight. Like the prophet Habakkuk – I seek justice from God. He exposes nakedness – the shame of their plunder. Idols fall down to worship the True God – Speechless! I am astounded – by Your wrath. I “see” the destruction of the enemy – Your unquenchable anger. The mountains – the raging waters – the deep gave forth its voice – “Salvation Triumphs!” You crushed the head of the house of the wicked – pierced with their own arrows – the poor no longer devoured in “secret”. I tremble at your answer – my lips quiver – rottenness enters my bones – my legs shake with fear – Invasion is Eminent. The Forces of evil used to bring me back – Evidence of Your Sovereignty. I am sure-footed – the Truth advances like a soldier on horseback – Swift. The earth now filled with Knowledge – the Glory of the Lord. God the Lord is my Strength. He is my Rock and my Fortress, my Strong Tower and my Deliverer. I will not be shaken. I will wait – for His Justice.

          Psalm 51, Habakkuk 2, Psalm 1, and John 11:38-44, Galatians 5:22-23, Genesis 19, Psalm 62, Joshua 1


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