Unforgivable Terrain – I had no advance notice as I plunged into the arctic air. The icy blast bit my skin – blustering winds – strong and swift. No adequate protection. Fear gripped me – Reality – “I may die out here” My accusers taunting words “convert or die” – Haunting. Now I must survive – But how? I saw nothing but mountains of snow for miles – no inhabitants. I looked up – Scavengers, waiting for a meal. The winds were relentless – Fierce. A mission of mercy turned against me. Tears now turned to icicles on my cheeks – each breath labored – calculated – disoriented from the lack of oxygen. The numbness in my fingertips – signs of trouble.

What made me decide to enter forbidden territory? I was seeking change for a forgotten people – those perishing without the Truth. Where is Your “still” small voice? I need to hear You. Am I the only one left? Where is your remnant? Alone I stumbled again and again – Deep Darkness – The weight of yesterday crushed my soul. My mind began to play tricks on me – Darkness setting in – shadows – moving closer. Like when Jezebel haunted the prophet Elijah with her words “By this time tomorrow you will be dead” My accusers mocking words. Should I surrender to the elements? Am I willing to die for what I believe? I must push the boundaries – go beyond my natural instinct – Logic. My soul is in need of CPR. – Critical condition. Hope fleeting – as nightfall slowly crept in. Now I am challenged to walk by faith. Avalanche of emotions threatened to bury me – Whiteout! Will there be a search party? No way to send an SOS. Will the forces of evil prevail? Then I remembered the red handkerchief tucked inside my pocket – a small token from those I was sent to deliver. Little hope – with a short prayer I unfolded it and begged for mercy. Day two comes, and night fall. Day three! – Resurrection!!

Out in the distance, – sounds of freedom. I saw a red chopper; blades glistened in the sun’s rays. Hands outstretched – little strength – surrender. Later being lifted to safety I clutched my symbol of Salvation. It is finished!

Scripture references; 1st Kings 19:2, Romans 11:3-5, Mark 8:31

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